Gifts That Keep on Living!

Would You Like to Give a Gift?

How about giving a unique personal gift to friends or family while helping someone in Zimbabwe?

You can choose a gift from most any of our programs…you can dream it up!

We will send your designated ‘giftee’ one of these cards with a note from you!  Find the program service area you would like to donate to, on behalf of another, or choose the general option below for gift giving.  For example:

  • Help a preschool child go to school.
  • Purchase supplies to serve the village Health needs.
  • Build a well for an extended family that will last for generations!
We will choose one of the gift cards and send your personal greetings to them right away!

1. Tell us the name, address and email of the person you would like to gift.

2. Tell us what your note should say and we will hand write it!

3. Tell us how you would like your donation spent.


Gifts That Keep On Living!
Minimum $20

Here are some specialized gifts to consider:

Preschool Support as a Gift That Keeps on Living


W.A.T.E.R! – Gifts That Keep on Living – Wells
Price: $300.00


Support Village Health as a Gift That Keeps on Living






Thank you for this opportunity to share the Zimbabwe story and be part of your gift giving, while helping someone in rural Zimbabwe!