Youth Well Being

Third Field Report

Many thanks go to Amy Blinn and Payton James-Amberg as they made it possible for me to blog while in Zimbabwe.  Many hands make light work!  In this case as well, the infrastructure in the villages just can’t support the needs for communication.  We were lucky to send an email!  Great appreciation here for their assistance, as well as the multiple families who helped me cover the home and farm while away!


Find the third field report here.  Please read when possible, and share with your community.  Thank you so much for the continued support.  I’m not posting it in its entirety since its full of pictures and video links, but here is a taste:

It is with much gratitude that I offer this third and final field report of our visit to Mhondoro.  Thank you for all you are doing to help us help them, both as contributions financially , and your own active efforts to make a difference.   Your generous encouraging words are precious thoughts that keep us going when things get tough.


Here is the short version for those of you on the run:


  • APRIL HOLIDAY GIRL GUIDES 3-DAY CAMP A SUCCESS! – 235 Girls Attending – up from 74!
  • UNIVERSITY SPONSORSHIP – A Bit More is Required to Get Lillian Registered
  • LIBRARY UPDATE – New Books are now merging into the Library Re-Org
  • MARIMBAS AT THE COMMUNITY CENTER – Broken Marimbas are Being Replaced!
  • REPAIRS NEEDED – SMALL TO LARGE – Termites, Chairs and Hut Roofs All Require Attention
  • HOW YOU CAN HELP! What can you do that can make a difference?


More News from Zimbabwe

We received another update from Jaiaen in Zimbabwe!


Here is an excerpt with a quick summary, Jaiaen writes:


Access to the internet, phone, WhatsApp etc., has been limited this trip. I could see that some of you wrote me with wonderful replies sharing blessings of encouragement, new ideas, financial donations, and the like, but I have not been able to reply. It is complicated to describe how one can have some internet but not enough network or battery to respond. This is particularly true in the rural area where I have spent most all of my time. I’m sorry to not be able to dive right into conversation with you, as that is my nature, but it has to wait until the door opens. Thank you so much for your interest and concern for these people. There is much suffering in the world and I appreciate your partnership in making your difference show here!



  • Weather report – praises for thunderstorms!
  • Empowerment from you to purchase some supplies is done with tremendous gratitude.
  • Re-thatching is on the radar but a challenge to see easily on the horizon.
  • Permaculture and our preschool are a good match…love that produce.
  • Monthly care and underwear – we are making great progress and are hopeful for the future.
  • Health concerns are continual…we have much to do.

You can access the full document here, or from our Field Reports page on the website.




Upcoming Trip to Zimbabwe

Dear Friends of Zimbabwe,

Please take a minute to hear the latest from our Zimbabwe project!

** If you have been able to help us with this year’s mission, this email will hopefully give you a short update. And thank you, for your decision to make a difference in Zimbabwe through our efforts. We all are working together!
** If you haven’t seen our annual letter please go to and check out the film clips, or
** If you have read the letter (and seen those great videos) but haven’t been able to donate yet, please see to contribute today!

Here is what is happening NOW:

1. The preschool needs some soccer balls and a local girl scout troop is gathering them to send in my suitcase. I leave on the 16th of February for a month.
2. Our library sponsor is covering the postage for us to send some books to arrive while I’m there. We have some books to send, but if you have a special book that would be a great addition to our library please send it right away! I must receive it by February 6th to get it in the mail (that’s 10 days from now). These books will be part of our library there, which serves a full community from daily preschoolers, primary and secondary as well as adults, including local teachers who use our facilities. I would say that lots of Goldie locks and Goosebumps or Harry Potter might not be the best choices – they have their own educational curriculum as well and so straight school text books are also not the best. Think about their culture, and great literature, to make your choices! Please send any books right away that you would like to see made available in the village setting to PO BOX346 SCIO OR 97355.
3. We will be providing monthly care for the girls this trip and all the wheels are in motion to make this happen.
4. We will be providing uniform fabric for the preschoolers and staff so that our school is following the legal guidelines for school uniforms.
5. We will be able to print one of the preschool books that Red Zebra made so that each child might have their own book! What a thought!
6. We will be able to provide some health care by being present to the village needs as we do daily work. Thank you for your support with this.
7. I’m looking forward to getting pictures of wells! We have built a total of 92 wells…16 built just this last year. Now since a camera has been recently donated, we can get pictures of the wells on an ongoing basis (our last camera bit the dust). Thank you all for your patience with our well building and picture taking progress. Some of you don’t care about getting a picture and others do. We continue to always do our best…thanks.
8. We will be able to explore many areas of the project and hear from the residents just how Nhimbe for Progress is helping their lives.

Its been 5 years since I have gone to Zimbabwe. Initially the political situation made it difficult to spend a month in the rural area, since having regular gatherings could be misconstrued. Then my late husband, hence our family and friends, were all working through Agent Orange and its repercussions. Its taken a while to be ready to travel and return to the rural area, but I’m now looking forward to it.

Thank you for any way you are able to help us, help them! We are committed to making a difference today, and in the future.

Please feel free to call or email with questions…thank you for your continued support!

541-259-HOPE or 877-TATENDA


Burgers for Books Fundraiser Sunday 8/25 12-2

“BURGERS FOR BOOKS” FUNDRAISER this Sunday 8/25/13 12-2PM at 35355 Eicher Rd, Albany OR 97322
Join us following the 10:45 am Gathering at The Shift when the Red Zebra Project will host a “Burgers for Books” barbeque fundraiser that will benefit a new books project in Zimbabwe through collaboration with Ancient Ways. The event will include:
• Live marimba music from Marimba Detembo
• Red Zebra cookie decorating and temporary tattoos for the kids
• Special appearance by Cosmas Magaya from Zimbabwe playing mbira
All donations will fund the new Red Zebra Project in Zimbabwe. Come and share food and festivities with us as we raise money to get Shona language books in the hands of the Zimbabwean children.
Also feel welcome to attend an informal tea party hosted by David & Hilary Ker of the Red Zebra Project on Sunday afternoon for those who would like a chance to meet Cosmas Magaya. Tea and coffee will be provided beginning at 3 pm. You can bring cakes, cookies or fruit if you like. The address is in downtown Albany, 539 5th Street SW near White Spires church on the corner of 5th and Calapooia. Call David at 541-971-0839 if you have questions or need

Partnership to Teach Children Mbira

Last year’s Zimfest grant to Ancient Ways is helping to start an mbira program in the Jangano area where Fradreck and Fungai Mujuru co-direct the project. Additionally, we are partnering with MBIRA organization (also a 501(c)3 non-profit) to provide mbiras to the children – check out this incredible video from another primary school they have helped in Nyamweda, Zimbabwe.
MBIRA is dedicating 100% of June donations to purchasing mbiras for children, some of which will go to the Jangano children – see their success with these kinds of programs $100 buys an mbira – any amount is helpful! Help us with this program by donating:
• Building Instruments – Go to the link above or send a check payable to MBIRA P.O. Box 7863, Berkeley, CA 94707-0863.
• Scholarship Students – Go to to help sponsor the teaching of mbira classes in the Jangano St. Bedes primary school.
Thank you!Focuz

Special Needs Students in Zimbabwe Need Assistance!

We have 3 students left , who are particularly deserving, intelligent, ready and capable to tackle a better school than the one in their rural home, but need our help. Please help us help them to succeed! See for more details. Polite Shara is at Glen View 2 High School doing her Form 2, with tuition costs at $297. Paidamoyo Mujuru is in Form 5, attending Kuwadzana High School, with tuition costs of $479. Joseph Mandevani is in Form 2 at Mt Pleasant High School wtih tuition costs of $594.
You can sponsor one of these students today, or they can be helped by using the Team Approach where we pool whatever amount you can offer, with others. Please call the office to setup a re-occuring credit card charge, or use Paypal, or check. Thank you so much for helping these earnest students!Антилопы

Jangano Students Sponsored for 2012 – Thank you!

Thank you so much for your tremendous support this year to help keep the Jangano children in school. Since the school fees went up 33% as of January 2012, and donations were less this year, we ended up with many village residents trying to cover their children’s fees, hence some of the students were dropping out. Because of your generosity and timely response to our summer campaign to raise close to $4,000, we managed to get all the kids covered. Read more at Tatenda! Maita basa!Ремонт линолеума. Исправление дефектов

Campaign for the Jangano Children

The campaign to raise funds for the Jangano students continues…more progress is being made from Eugene to Bellingham! Watch for the latest and for more background on the problem! The children need to be enrolled within the next 2 weeks for the 3rd term. Email or call with questions…Thank you for your help!Плиты ленточных фундаментов

Special Needs Sponsorships for 2012!

We are finding students who are very deserving of a chance at higher education within our Nhimbe for Progress and Jangano projects. It is unusual in Zimbabwe to find children from poor families who have been able to overcome the odds and make it academically. Please read on – you may have a way to assist them! Or check out

Special Case Sponsorship – $990 – Tinashe Felix Chirisa
Tinashe’s grades in Form 4 were outstanding – receiving 7 A’s in a country where passing only 5 subjects gets you to the next grade. He recently lost his mother and so is considered an orphan by Zimbabwe standards. His father is a peasant farmer and his sister Benita, has been our Executive Assistant since 2007 (having graduated the University with Honors). He is described as a very hard working, responsible, well-mannered and trustworthy boy. Benita say “He is so brilliant not to continue”. He will not be able to attend the local Advanced level school because it does not offer science or have a laboratory for practical’s, so he will attend a boarding school (Form 5 and 6) to be able to continue studying in the area of his special gifts. A boarding school is a common solution for children who grow up in the rural area but show great promise and need that extra attention of a better school. We are interested in seeing him have a chance at contributing to the world in a significant way. He could begin immediately or the beginning of the next term as of May 2012. Can you help Tinashe realize his dream?

Special Case Sponsorship – $968 – Nyaradzai Shava
Nyaradzai Shava has an opportunity to start a 6 month accounting course (beginning now until the 1st of April 2012). She will be a chartered accountant after graduation. Nyaradzai is Febby Shava’s, our lead preschool teacher’s daughter, and is age 21. Her previous grades highly qualify her for this course. Can you help Nyaradzai with this special training?

Special Case Sponsorship – $410 – Kuda Simeya
Kuda is the one Nhimbe student who graduated from the Matanha Secondary school, doing so with flying colors. He has found an Advanced level school in Harare where he could live with relatives. He is requesting assistance to be allowed to continue his education. Kuda is an unusual child to have made it through the rural system, as Matanha is not known for many graduates. He could begin immediately or the beginning of the next term as of May 2012. Are you able to send Kuda to a better school to continue his education?

Special Case Sponsorship – $130 Tinotenda Victoria Mujuru
Tinotenda has been sponsored through the Jangano project for several years and continues to excel. She attends Mary Magdalene Secondary boarding school and will graduate Form 4 this year thanks to a generous sponsor. At the end of March 2012, her Form 4 exam fees are due. To sit for the exams and graduate you must pay the fees. These exams are the climax of all of her studies to date. Tinotenda is Fradreck Mujuru’s daughter (he is the Jangano Project co-director for which he receives no remuneration). Are you able to help Tinotenda pay these examination fees?

Do you have it within your power to assist any of these students? We will be able to facilitate some letter and picture exchange between you and the student. Thank you for your taking the time to consider these unique young people!

Zimbabwe School Fees Now Due

The new year is upon us and children are now in school in Zimbabwe. We are paying their school fees at the end of January. That is one week away! If you haven’t let us know that you would like to sponsor one or more children for our Youth Well Being Program (includes health education, medical care, school fees, extracurricular activities), please do so right away! Just yesterday I had to send an email to our teams in Zimbabwe with the worst possible news – that, based on current available funds, they will have to remove over 280 children from enrollment in school. If you have forgotten to notify us, please do so right away. These kids count on our help to go to school. Remember, any amount will help (see for background or for online payments). Even if you can’t quite sponsor one child, if you can help at all, you will make a difference. Thank you!