Marimba Class Notes

Here are the next 2018 SET LISTS!


Here is our revised and merged set! Silverton 10-6-18


Please check it out and see if I’ve incorporated all of your changes.

  • We moved some songs around to accommodate various aspects of our playing, so it it not in the same order.
  • Please print page 2 for yourself.
  • I will print a couple of page 1, and also 3 and 4 for the instruments, but I’m waiting until Friday to do so. If you have any changes get back to me right away.  Thanks.


  • They have recommended we arrive at 11 a.m. since there will be another booth in the parking lot this year. It’s a youth tent.
  • We  won’t be parking in the lot ourselves this time so you will want to find a place along the street (the truck/trailer will be able to park in the alley).
  • They confirmed that there will be a 10×20′ tent with chairs for anyone wanting to hang out.

Please pass along the Ancient Ways blog post to your friends and family!  It has the directions to the site and pertaining details.


Thanks much!


Here is the most recent PARTS LIST!

Tamuka Fall 2018 – This is a revision from Tuesday’s class.  Please let me know if you see any omissions or commission or any other weirdness. Thanks!


Here are the instructions for the vacation calendar:

Password is AWmarimba! and file link is here.



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