Ancient Ways performances are listed on our calendar.  Please see the link to the right.


Ancient Ways community ensembles perform contemporary and traditional songs, and original pieces that are developed in a Zimbabwean style. These multi-generation ensembles delight in performing for public and private events.


  • Minimum requirements are a space 15’x15′.  Anything beyond this is helpful but not necessary.
  • We can play outside under cover, with our own tents if you aren’t able to provide us shade or protection from rain.
  • If you have a larger venue you can provide minimal sound equipment if you like, but being heard is not usually a problem.  One microphone is very useful for song introductions.


Feel free to place a request for a performance here.  You can generate an email which includes your contact information and an invoice (once in checkout this feature is shown below the credit card section). We will contact you for more information and poll the players to check availability.  Alternatively contact us by phone or email about scheduling a performance for your event!

For a one hour performance:   
Price: $150.00



Youth Emsemble PREMIERE – Spring Garden Festival 2012!