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Sleeping over at the Community Center


Identifying Plants in the Forest

Identifying Plants in the Forest


One aspect of our Youth Well Being program is sponsoring girls as members of the Girl Guides. The Girl Guides are the international counterpart to our Girl Scouts of the USA, and provide leadership, education and fellowship opportunities for girls and young women around the world. The first camp out for our Nhimbe for Progress Girl Guide Troop in Mhondoro, Zimbabwe was in April 2010, during Jaiaen’s annual visit.  September 2010 was the 2nd camp out, and December the 3rd. The Girl Guides program structure suggests they camp out 3 times a year.  We decided to use our Community Center since its a ‘free’ space and the children’s safety is assured.  The girls are very appreciative of this opportunity to be away from home for the first time without a relative nearby; normally they would not have any kind of “sleep over” experience. Their universe is expanding.


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Price: $10.00


The retreat is run for 3 days and 2 nights. It is led by our Youth Well Being leader and assisted by our Village Health Worker.  Our Senior Nurse might also visit to offer some in-depth health information. The girls bring some food to contribute, a blanket for sleeping, and a bag of clothing changes. In addition to the participating in Girl Guide activities during the weekend, the girls cook, wash their own clothes, study traditional ways, and play music and games.  For $5-10 (depending upon the region) a year you can send one girl to all 3 retreat opportunities for this year!



Underwear for Over There


Another way we want to influence the lives of our girls is to buy them underwear.  Many girls have no panties and so we are buying each child two pair.  This costs $3 a child.  We have over 500 girls and will be raising over $1,500 so that all the girls have underwear.  Please consider forgoing the latte or DVD rental this week and buy some underwear for over there!  Thank you.


Buy Girls Underwear Over There


Underwear for Over There Celebration Video


This 2011 video clip shows the joy of the girl guides who received 3 pair of panties in response to our “Underwear for Over There” Campaign. Many more girls received underwear but were not present at this Girl Guides Life Skills Learning Retreat in late August. In 2012, we our expanding the campaign to be “Underwear and Monthly Care for Over There” to help meet the personal health needs of our young women.


Monthly Care for Over There


From the Underwear campaign we learned a great deal.  Resources necessary for health and hygiene related to the female monthly cycle is not something young Shona women can take for granted.  Without these basic resources, these girls cannot adequately care for themselves. So, often they stay home from school, suffer illness from lack of sanitation and struggle with self esteem.


Monthly Care for Over There is a new collaboration with adult women from the villages.  We are planning on providing the girls with adequate supplies, thus enabling them to engage fully in life with the confidence and vigor of emerging young women.


Brenda Andresen of Lotus Pads out of Corvallis, OR, is our new partner, who will be assisting us in developing a solution for these girls and women.  Besides investing in a sewing machine for the Center, bolts of cotton flannel, and organizing the women to sew together, we will also buy (15”) laundry bars of soap so a girl may get a slice of soap for the month.


This all seems so simple to those of us in the U.S., but unlike us, women in many parts of the world, and specifically Zimbabwe, cannot take these necessary resources for granted.


Another long term goal with the Monthly Care for Over There Program is that it will give us regular meeting times with each girl and help us to help her with her personal needs regarding HIV and pregnancy prevention, while at the same time, decreasing her  hygiene challenges.


Donate now to Monthly Care for Over There! 


Your interest in these young girls changes their lives forever in a very positive way!


Support Our Troop!


The Girl Guides program needs support, just like our Girl Scouts in the US. The annual membership for each girl is $3. In Zimbabwe they can’t sell cookies, do car washes, or otherwise raise funds. If you know a Girl Scout program or other organization that could pledge and then raise a small amount towards this girls program, everyone would be elated. Please click below and help however your budget allows! Thank you!


Greatest Need to carry out the mission with the Youth