Summer 2016 Camps


What an incredible opportunity for the girls!  They are able to camp August 5-7th which, although our summer, is their winter.  During the winter camps we purchase firewood to make sure they are warm and cozy before going to bed.


There are 89 girls at this camp, which includes brownies, rangers and guides.


Can you help us with this endeavor?  There is a great deal involved in being able to provide these girls with 2 nights and 3 days of food and activities.


Our food budget entails purchases of beef, chicken, rice, potatoes, tomatoes, tea, oil, salt, sugar, beverage and biscuits.   They will be involved with all aspects of the food’s preparation and cooking (yes, over a campfire), as well as clean up (yes, no running water).




They will be going on nature walks, sewing, gardening, learning leadership skills, playing games, and sharing poems.  Here they are arriving and very ready for a great break from the stresses of everyday life.  Research has shown that play is a critical way to assist children who are suffering due to the trauma of war, excess relocation, economic collapse, etc. and so our camps are serving a huge need.


There are many activities including music and dance.  This year they are learning Jerusalem dance as a new idea.  We are used to seeing them do the Muchongoyo dance and so this will be something innovative from the leaders this year.


Check out this link to see the  Girls Dancing!

See the Girl Guides song Be Prepared, Lend a Hand,This is Our Motto


Love Climbing Trees!

Love those Trees!

Learning about hauling water

Learning the embroidery chainstitch

Learning about Permaculture with compost, watering and raised beds

Learning about raised beds at the Community Center

Learning permaculture Watering at the Community Center

Plant Identification Field Trip near the Community Center

Plant Identification walking near the Community Center

Talk in the Woods - Walking Near the Community Center

They will also be singing cultural songs – Check this out…clips were sent using Whatsapp on August 5th!


Hurukuro Natete

Of great importance is that they will have some special time with hurukuro natete which is a unique session where the girls get to talk to the elders (the tetesor aunts) about all of those personal and intimate things they are not supposed to discuss with parents.     Culturally its inappropriate to bring certain information to your parents, like questions about your sexuality, boys, dating, and monthly concerns.


So we started Hurukuro Natete during Jaiaen’s visit in March of this year to make sure that all girls have someone to talk to.     Traditionally the aunts were around within walking distance, but now with the extended families being split up, because of so much moving around, a girl may have no one to talk to.     You might wonder why there is so much movement.  And why there aren’t aunties for the girls.  Here are a few of the reasons:

  • The Land Redistribution gave each family a piece of land that they could go to and start a farm. This means that they are not near their rural home.


  • There is an estimated  95% unemployment rate and so, many people are moving about the country looking for any way to make money or at least feed their family.


  • There is an incredible loss of family generations due to death.  This means that aunties have passed away and the children may be able to go to a grand parent, if they are living nearby, but otherwise, have no aunt.


  • This loss of life also means that a girl may be living with her father if her mother passed on, and that is also not a solution for discussing personal concerns.


How Might You Help?


This year we are able to run these camps because of a seed donation from a local Lacomb Oregon Girl Scout Troops #21317 and #20326, but we are short funds to be able to take all 89 girls, and also be able to run the camp this December when they are out of school for another month. Zimbabwe’s school system takes 1 month off every 3 months in between the terms.



For $4 you can sponsor a girl to go to this August camp, or the December camp.  Please consider how many girls you can help.

For us in the US, its cutting back on lattes and video rentals, and to them, their view of their entire life can be altered in such a positive way.  Thank you for whatever you can do!




Greatest Need to carry out the mission with the Youth