Hardship Aid

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Hardship Aid Loans


Sometimes we ask for donations specifically for villagers or staff because we hear about their plight.  This has made it possible for people’s lives to return to normal after a crisis for example:


  • When our Educational Manager developed cancer requiring treatment in Harare, we assisted his family with many medical bills.  When he passed on, his surviving widow and 5 children were not left with these bills and she was able to begin a life focused on raising the children thanks to many people here who donated on their behalf.

  • One of the carver’s in the Muriritirwa village had a child needing surgery but the parents could not afford to take him to the hospital.  A donor came through for this family and provided the $50.  It’s hard to imagine that such a small amount of funding can go such a long way.  The child is doing well!


Watch here for unique opportunities to help reduce or wipe out a loan for a struggling resident:


  • Currently our Executive Assistant is obligated to pay her late mother’s hospital bills as one of the two remaining adults in the family.  Her sister has contributed to a majority of the bill.  Without paying this bill the hospital will not provide her or her child with any medical care if the need arises.  She owes over $500 and is paying a minimal amount each month to show good faith, but is doing so on a salary that is not enough to live on to begin with.  We are asking for any donation possible to help go towards her loan reduction.  Any amount is helpful!

  • Julianna Chambati has been having problems with her heel making it difficult to walk. She went to the hospital and was initially diagnosed with an abnormal growth on the heel, but the Dr suggested she needed  an x ray done to ascertain the extent of the condition. She has been given medical assistance of $50 which includes $35 X-ray and $15 consultation fee.  Your contribution towards her medical assistance would be very much appreciated.  She makes than $50 per month and so the cost is prohibitive.