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Jangano Youth Well Being:

Mbira Music

See this video about the development of programs in primary schools in Zimbabwe.  MBIRA organization began this program at Chimatira Primary School in Nyamweda Zimbabwe.  We are interested in doing the same in Jangano schools.  See below under Current Campaign for Education and Music for more details.


Jangano project began in 2005 when hyperinflation was still on the rise.  We began with 22 children from 3 villages and we expanded to 122 children from 6 villages over several years.  In 2009, two major changes impacted progress.  At the beginning of that year the Zim dollar was replaced by US dollars and the smallest form of payment was $1.  So a loaf of bread which might have cost the equivalence of 20 cents now cost $1.  Over the next couple of years the prices have continued to rise.

Team Reviewing School Records and Making Decisions

At this same time in US history, the housing market collapsed and many people became unemployed as the economy began to tilt.  We continued to work with these dynamics and by 2011 donations had reduced so significantly that major cuts had to be made in all sponsorship programs reducing student enrollment to 75.  In 2012, not only did the donations again decrease, but additionally the school fees went up by 1/3rd.  Fradreck came to the US on tour in 2012 and made it possible to raise funds for these students in a special campaign.  In 2013 donations are again less than the previous year in all areas, school fees are up by more than 10%, so we are again giving a focus to keep children in school.


It requires an average of $100 to keep a child in school.  We spend $50 for a primary school child to $150 for a high school student for their tuition at the government school.  By donating $100 you assure one child one year of schooling.  Thank you for whatever you can do.


Jangano Young Ones

Current Campaign for Education and Music

We are currently campaigning to raise enough funds to keep  Jangano children in school for 2013, to cover both the  increase in the fees and the reduction in needed US donations. Thank you for sharing the Jangano story with your friends!  Additionally, we are working to develop an mbira program for after school at the local primary St. Bedes.  We would like to have 20 mbiras and scholarship any children interested with a place in this special class.  This program would be taught and overseen by Gift Jemwa.  MBIRA organization has purchased 10 mbiras for the St. Bedes school and gotten the program off to a great start! Also the grant from Zimfest received in January 2013 is being used to get the sponsorship program started.

  • Please make donations above for this program by specifying “build mbiras” or “scholarship mbira class”  in the description.
  • Additional donations can also be made at for the building of mbiras if you specify “Jangano children’s program”. All of MBIRA’s June and July 2013 donations will build children mbiras.  $100 buys an mbira – any amount is helpful!


You can read more about Older Jangano Students who need additional funding to be able to attend school.  School fees for them are solicited separately since each year it changes.