Jangano Students Campaign 2012


In 2012 Fradreck Mujuru came to the US on tour and shared his story with the communities that he visited.  Because of his efforts, and many of you, we were able to raise money for the Jangano students to stay in school.



Look Here To See The Progress!



Fundraisers Make a Difference!


8/9/12 Tualatin Oregon, Cooks Park, Mhofu Marimba and Mujuru’s Mbira Playing


8/17/12 Eugene Oregon, Kutsinhira Mujuru Welcome Dinner


8/18/12 Corvallis Oregon, Ancient Ways Community with Mujurus at the Saturday Market


8/22/12 Eugene Oregon, Fradreck Mujuru Library Presentation on Spirituality


8/23/12 Eugene Oregon, Fradreck and Sam Mujuru at Cozmic Pizza


8/30/2012 Portland, Oregon, The MyLinda King Marimba Studio Promotion


—  Chicamarimba


 —  Masikati Marimba


  —  Knock on Wood


  —  Danda Marimba


8/26/12 Bellingham Washington, Mujuru’s House Concert


8/30/12 Portland, Oregon, Maya King at the Alberta Street Fair,




13 year old Maya King at the Alberta Street Fair raising money for Jangano with violin in hand!