Health Services

Jangano Health Services:


The health issues in Dewedzo are similar to all of Zimbabwe in that there is a lack of medicines, including pain killers, antibiotics, bilharzias treatment, and the basics of betadine and bandages.  A very innovative program was created by Jangano in 2009 to help local residents learn more about taking control of their own health care.


A gifted herbalist in the area set up workshops for community members, who wanted to learn how to raise, harvest and use basic herbs.  This was the beginning of a successful health project which was then extended to Nhimbe for Progress residents as well.  Now many families in both regions have their own herb gardens and know much more about utilizing them in daily life.

Gifted Herbalist Marian Chirisa and Project Manager Tawengwa Munemo (both late)

The next step is to extend this important teaching to more people in both areas, as well as gaining knowledge of ancient indigenous herbs to complement the existing program.