Older Students Education


The Jangano team continues to support children who excel in school by supporting their continuing to upper grades, when at all possible.  These older students sometimes have special needs to attend a better school or be assisted in some other way.  We have had great successes and also failures in being able to achieve our intended goals with these older students. Currently all older Jangano students are sponsored for 2013.
By this age, children have a mind of their own and may decide to leave their educational path behind to pursue a family. Those that stay committed see the benefit from the Jangano project.   We continue to do all we can to assist them but they must take all the steps required to stay in school.  Watch for more information about our special needs students usually posted near the beginning of the year here.

One of our many successes is Benita Chirisa who graduated as part of Jangano with an Honors Degree from the University of Zimbabwe. We hired her in 2007 as an Executive Assistant. She continues to be the key liaison between the two projects, as well as helping with excel worksheets, and general communications for all involved.