Facilities Improvements – Huts – Building, Rebuilding & Repair


Price: $250.00


Huts last for a generation or two and then begin either cracking or collapsing.  Inclement weather can cause a hut to tumble, or the thatched roof to cave in. Coupled with situations that people are not always well, i.e. they may be elderly or disabled,  there is need for assisting these rural people to have their huts to be rebuilt or replaced.


We have one such example of an elderly widow who was in great need.  She had no children and was in her late 70’s and she was so frail.  The Jangano team chose her to receive a hut to replace one which had collapsed.  She lived there for several years and then passed on.  Her younger sister who is in her early 70’s now resides there in the rebuilt hut.   She had been staying in their deceased mother’s hut which was very old and not able to withstand another rainy season.  She now has a new home ready to go!


Elder Celebrating a Rebuilt Hut

There are several  elderly or otherwise disadvantaged residents in the villages who would be blessed to have a hut replaced currently.  Please consider building a hut today!