Older Students

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Sponsor an UPPER Grade Student for Youth Well Being Support 


Special Case Sponsorship


We are finding students who are very deserving of a chance at higher education within our Nhimbe for Progress and Jangano projects. It is unusual in Zimbabwe to find children from poor families who have been able to overcome the odds and make it academically.  Please read on – you may have a way to assist them!


Special Case Sponsorship – $165 – Melody Nyandoro – Waiting…

MELODY NYANDORO is doing form three at Dewedzo High School.  Melody is a determined girl who lives with her mother after her parents were separated. Her mother is unemployed and cannot afford her daughter’s school fees. Melody said that she aspires to become a medical doctor. Her tuition fees are $165.
We are interested in seeing her have a chance.  Can you help Melody stay in school?


Special Case Sponsorship – $418 – Paidmoyo Mujuru – Waiting …

PAIDAMOYO MUJURU is doing her final ‘A’ levels at Kuwadzana High School. Paidamoyo, whose mother is late, stays with her father Samuel Mujuru and her stepmother. Sam visited the US in 2012 with Fradreck and we were fortunate to spend time with him here at Ancient Ways. Paidamoyo is very inspired and she is hardworking.  Because this is her last year before University level, she has special exams in History, Shona, Divinity and Communication Skills, for which the student is responsible to pay fees prior to taking.  Her tuition and exam fees are $418. Can you help Paidamoyo to continue with her education?


Special Case Sponsorship – $1,879  – Victoria Tinotenda Mujuru – $1,279 donated…Waiting for only $600 more…

VICTORIA TINOTENDA MUJURU is studying for her final ‘A’ levels at St. Dominic’s High School. Victoria has always shown so much potential since during her primary days. She passed her ordinary levels with flying colours, gaining 6 ‘A’ grades, 3’B’ grades and 1 C grade. In her midyear tests in lower sixth she has been getting an average of 12 points. Victoria is working hard in order to get distinctions at the end of this year. Her tuition fees including exam fees in Business Studies, Mathematics, and Geography are $1,879.  Victoria aspires to become a banker after University.  Can you help her stay in school and achieve her goals to move on to the University?


Do you have it within your power to assist any of these students?  We will be able to send you a letter and picture from the student.  Thank you for taking the time to consider these unique young people!


The Challenges of an Older Student

The older child in Zimbabwe has many more stresses in their lives compared to the younger students.  The peer relationships are of paramount importance, as they should be, but additionally, because their home lives are often more unstable due to:

  • the economic conditions with unemployment being at levels that can’t be found in statistics,
  • being orphaned, so counting upon only one parent or none, and sometimes being the eldest child to look after siblings, and/or
  • living with relatives to be able to have access to a better school.

These challenges they face are a few of the ways that their lives can be so disrupted that even with our support they are unable to stay in school.  The only way to overcome these issues would be to offer boarding school as an educational option.  This is normally an answer only for the wealthy.

Our goal is to help these rural children to attend better schools, when their parents are able to be supportive enough to provide them with basics such as food and stable lodging, books and supplies, and transportation.  We then cover the tuition and fees for education.

We focus on the girl child to give them more opportunities than they might normally find.  This doesn’t mean that we don’t sponsor boys but we do prefer to see that the girls are not overlooked.

Are you able to reach out to one of the special children and give them that extra help to achieve that next level of education?


Archive of Some of Our Older Student Sponsorships