Youth Well Being

Our children are the kernel and their well-being is vital. Through our Well Being Program we are doing all we can to address a full-range of needs.

Please Choose from the following options:

Sponsor a Child for Youth Well Being Support 
Sponsor a Preschool Child
Greatest Need at the Nhimbe Preschool 
Develop the International Standard for the Preschool
BOLO Build Our Learning Opportunities Primary School
A Youth Well Being Sponsorship is no longer an annual commitment, although every January we will look to sponsor these children to again attend school and participate in our Youth Well Being Program.

The families and their children are invested in this opportunity for education, but in Zimbabwe, school is not free. We want to support their earnest desire for learning as it is the foundation of prosperity.

Thank you! Tatenda!

With your investment we:

  • Enroll the child in the local rural school system.
  • Pay their school fees each term.
  • Followup with the head master regarding their attendance and performance.
  • Do whatever we can to facilitate a better school if the child shows above average ability and family support.
  • Buy the child required uniform fabric, buttons and zippers, so the family can make a uniform.
  • Provide extra-curricular activities after school, weekends and during the month long holiday between terms.
  • Offer tutoring as applicable to their grade.
  • Offer a community library opportunity.
  • Offer a music, song and dance club.
  • Provide them with health education appropriate for their age.
  • Give them free basic medical care at our Donhodzo Health Center.

We ask the family to:

  • Support the child in their education by purchasing pens, pencils, paper.
  • Let us know if there are insurmountable obstacles the child is facing.
  • Help the child get to school each day.
  • Pay the teacher’s incentives as directed by the government.
  • Make the child’s uniform with the fabric we provide.
Your investment in these children who were born into less fortunate circumstances that you is a tremendously important contribution towards changing the face of rural Zimbabwe!

Here are other ways we are assisting the children.  Below supports the extra curricular activities that are so vitally contributing to these children’s self-esteem and achievements in the more non-academic growth:

Greatest Need to carry out the mission with the Youth 
Support our Life Skills Learning Retreats
Price: $10.00
Buy Girls Underwear Over There
Support our Boys Life Skills Learning Retreats
Price: $15.00