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Music is a powerful force that connects everyone from all cultures. We can share music when we can’t share language. Traditional and contemporary music in Zimbabwe is an important thread in the cultural fabric of the people. Traditionally drums, mbira, hosho, clapping and voice have been the most common ways that music is shared. The mbira is a traditional musical instrument played from ancient times. The songs passed on from one person to another have most often been first heard in a dream; the dreamer then “composes” the song. There are songs for social and ceremonial purposes, which have evolved from a deep and rich history.

Item MU2H

5.25 lbs

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8.25 lbs

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10.75 lbs

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9.5 lbs

Item MU14J2

9.25 lbs

Item MU19Z



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Sculptures will be shipped either via USPS priority mail or UPS ground service, whichever is better for the weight, size and destination of your order. Ancient Ways charges $4 to ship the first sculpture, and $1 for each additional sculpture in your order.


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